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Around Us / Procida

My island has small solitary roads closed in by ancient walls, on the other side

of which orchards and vineyards that seem like Imperial gardens stretch. It has

several beaches of delicate and clear sand, and other shores that are smaller,

covered in pebbles and seashells, and hidden between high cliffs.

Elsa Morante, 1957 


Procida, the smallest and least known of the Parthenopean islands, has kept its Mediterranean identity almost unspoilt. Procida is still today an island to “discover”, with a special fascination created by the silence of the small roads, the lively colors of the ancient buildings, and by the villages that cluster around the marinas. It is for these reasons it should be visited. 

The sea at Procida is like the natural environment: not crowded, transparent, and still firmly attached to the traditions of sea-farers.


Procida also offers a wide selection of entertainment for the young people, thanks to the dozens of bars in the small squares and in the alleys, where it’s possible to find an amazing atmosphere made charming by the characteristic views.

The heart of this ancient island is Terra Murata: a town closed off by massive walls, constructed to keep pirates out. At 100 metres above sea level, the Castle d’Avalos towers above the island and the Abbey of San Michele seems a jewel box, where paintings, sculptures and sacred vestments dating from its thousand years  of history are kept. 

Venturing along the tiny alleys of the town, we are seduced by the magic of rhythms from a different time. 

The small characteristic port of Marina di Corricella (from the Greek "kora Cale”, nice neighborhood) is very striking thanks to its houses in a whole range of pastel colours built almost one on top of the other.

This fishing village, Suspended in a timeless dimension, is a delicious crib reflecting its uniqueness in the blue sea of Procida.

Marina Chiaiolella is the main attractions of Procida island, thanks to the longest and famous beach. The long Ciraccio beach hosts the characteristic small port, very famous for its sheltered position and the magnificence of its little bay.  Despite the busy summer tourism the Chiaiolella has managed to retain its character intact.

From Marina Chiaiolella, up to the promontory, one can admire the islet of Vivara, connected to Procida by a charming little bridge.


Procida is an island to visit, therefore, for those who want to immerse themselves in a magical and timeless atmosphere.

Procida: an enchanted island yet to be discovered.


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